Burn Judas, burn!

Posted by Ragnar (Moss, Norway) on 29 April 2009 in Documentary & Street.

It is a few minutes past midnight and the candels people have brought with them are lit. In the background poor Judas is burning fast.

When we arrived at the churc a few minutes before 11 PM, there where hardly anyone around, but people pored in as midnight came closer, and as you can see it was absolutley packed when Judas was put to the torch.

Easter Eve in Crete was something special, people where really celebrating it and it was a hughe family event, where people traveld great distances to be together. We dont celebrate Easter, it is just a few days of with closed strores, soccer on TV and good food.

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ZoomLNZ from Los Angeles Area, United States

They celebrate Easter by a symbolic burning of Judas? Seems strange. Nevertheless, your quality of light in the crowd is excellent. Good shot.

30 Apr 2009 5:16pm

@ZoomLNZ: Thanks! Apparently it is a comon thing to do if you are an orthodox christian, and especially in Greece. But we where told it was not done in all parts of Greece, as the jewis comunities claim it is antisemitism, and that they claim it is a "burning of a jew", and not "burning of Judas Iscariot for his betrayl". I am by no means an expert on the subject, and heard of it/saw it for the first time this easter, so I am sure google has some good answers for you if you are interested in the subject! As the last picture I added to my blog, this is not a masterpiece. But the story behind the picture is what makes it "good" to me.

Olympus E-420
2/5 seconds
ISO 100
14 mm


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